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Synchronicity follows Louis, a heart broken English writer, when he goes for a walk in Hyde Park on the first day of Spring. There, in The Italian Gardens, he meets Ella, a beautiful American singer, who persuades him, first to roll her a cigarette, and then to make her portrait. It is during this intimate exchange that they discover how much they have in common, and they begin to fall in love. 

The romantic tale is presented through the prism of Louis' therapy sessions with Jonathan - his wise and patient counselor. Here the story is related, analysed and deconstructed, and together, they make connections between what happened with Ella, the death of Louis' mother and the meaning of dreams.




Written & directed by Alex Marx

Produced by Savannah James-Bayly & Alex Marx

Executive Produced by Helen Armide


Bill Patterson as Jonathan

Alex Marx and Louis

Ty Glaser as Ella

Ben Aldridge as Frank

Fraser Kelly as Jim

Gary Coles as Frank


DOP - Alfie Biddle & Gareth Munden 

Production Designer - Vicki Stephenson & Laurence Webb

Editor -Troy Mercury

Sound Design - Gustaf Jackson

Music - Anthony Strong

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