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Always striving for creative excellence, Fox Cub Films is interested in fresh, bold storytelling from new perspectives. 


Film is an international language. Through film we can emotively experience the lives of others, provoking compassion, empathy and acceptance. At the core of our values is a commitment to creating entertainment that engages audiences with social and ethical questions.

We are an equal opportunities employer, and it is of paramount importance to us to ensure representative diversity amongst the team working on each and every project. The diversification of our industry is not something that will happen passively, and if we’re not making serious efforts to change the status quo then we are complicit in the exclusion of underrepresented groups. 


Finally, Fox Cub Films believes that a film is only as good and its cast and crew and we reflect that in our attitude to everyone who works with us, valuing every contribution with a goal of building strong, long-lasting professional relationships.


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