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SMITHFIELD is a short fiction film telling the story of Esme, a 13 year old girl sent out into the night streets by her anorexic and manipulative older sister on a quest to find her a peach. Instead she discovers a parallel world, both magical and threatening, which she has previously been protected from. Her adventure culminates in Smithfield meat market, where she is befriended by a butcher who shows her another way of life, bloody and uncouth, but vibrant, corporeal and ultimately hopeful. 

SMITHFIELD is a highly visual and imaginative fairy tale with (literally!) added meat, celebrating the bleeding heart of London.



Written & directed by Kate Hartnoll

Produced by Savannah James-Bayly


Lucy Blanchfield as Esme

Rick Stupple as The Butcher

Emily Jayne as Chloe


DOP - Maya Avidov

Production Designer - Declan O'Brian

Hair & Make Up -  Philippa Johnston

Editor - Kate Hartnoll

Sound Design - Ruben Valdes

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