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GHOSTED (2016)


Truly, madly, deeply.... annoying.


The second short from the team behind BRICKS.

LA Comedy Festival 2016

London Short Film Festival 2017

LOCO Comedy Festival 2017

Encounters Film Festival 2017

Dinard International Film Festival 2017

Short Waves Film Festival 2017

Manchester Lift Off 2017





Directed by Neville Pierce

Written by Jamie Russell & Neville Pierce

Produced by Savannah James-Bayly

Executive Producers: Stefan Allesch-Taylor, Esther Paterson, 


Alice Lowe as Rebecca

Christien Anholt as Nigel

Ray Panthaki as Paul

Jason Flemyng as Daniel

Jassa Ahluwalia as Ralphy

Richard Glover as Sebastian

David Elliot as Tom

Helen Kennedy as Maggie

Ty Glaser as Peaches

Director of Photography Flemming Jetmar

Editor Jim Page

Production & Costume Designer Anna Lewis

Composer Mat Andersun

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